Luxury African Hair Accessory Scrunchie
Mpatapo Scrunchie (White on Fuschsia)

Mpatapo Scrunchie (White on Fuschsia)

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Hand made silk scrunchie with ADINKRA London's custom Mpatapo design.

Details and Composition

Fuchsia, White & Black
• Custom Adinkra colour way
• 100% Silk Twill
• Hand finished
• Made in England

About the Mpatapo

Adinkra symbol design originating from Ghana - "Knot of pacification/reconciliation"
Symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification.

Mpatapo represents the bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful, harmonious reconciliation. It is a symbol of peacemaking after strife.

Shipped in a luxury satin pouch with a signed card by Founders Sean Ayeltigah & Patric Okumi explaining the origin of the design.