Luxury African Hair Accessory Scrunchie
Ti Koro Nko Agyina Scrunchie

Ti Koro Nko Agyina Scrunchie

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Hand made silk scrunchie with ADINKRA London's custom Ti Koro Nko Agyina design.

Details and Composition

• Electric Blue & Red
• Custom Adinkra motif
• Silk
• Hand finished
• Made in England

About the Ti Koro Nko Agyina

Adinkra symbol design originating from Ghana - “Two heads are better than one”

One person discussing an issue with himself cannot be said to have held a meeting. We need a group of people to hold a meeting.

Shipped in a luxury satin pouch with a signed card by Founders Sean Ayeltigah & Patric Okumi explaining the origin of the design.